DunkXchange Oct 20th - Sneakerheads do it big in Seattle once again!!!

October 29, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Last weekend I went to my second DunkXchange (or DXC for short) sneaker extravaganza and I was not disappointed. This event is a haven for sneakers and of course Sneakerheads, hip-hop artists as well as graffiti writes showing off their skills. This place was a veritable bees nest of different activities. I say different although linked by a common thread. The thread in question, hip-hop culture.

Hip-hip grown way beyond it's humble beginnings in the boroughs of New York to a multi billion dollar worldwide enterprise. While this isn't a lecture on the commoditization of hip-hop I believe events such as DXC give hip-hop artists from a variety of disciplines a platform to show their works to a broader audience. A broader audience that will be more receptive than the average person.... maybe. The globalization of hip-hop means that anyone can pretty much see another artists work online at any time.

While hip-hop heads are some of the most loyal fans they are without a doubt some of the hardest to please. If something is unauthentic per say or sub standard you'll know about it, the artist will know about it, actually everyone will probably know about it.

Well, I digress. (-:  

Anyway the event was as lively as ever. The sneaker game is no joke. I liken it to the New York stock exchange without the stress or anger. There's the same amount of dealing and haggling just quite a few less elbows and yelling. If you've never been to a DXC event then you really should check one out. 


Antonio and Aquino Kicks DJ Charma


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