The bad girls of "Bad Girls Club" Reality show hit Seattle

October 29, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Last night stars of the "Reality TV" show "Bad Girls Club" came to town. I actually had never heard of the show before but apparently the show is in it's 10th season and there have been a number of spin off's (according to Wikipedia). We welcomed a total of three of the girls but one wasn't feeling well so we had the pleasure of hanging out with Rima (season 9) and Erica (Season 8).

I have to report that the night went off without a hitch... mostly.

There were two simultaneous parties going on for the bad girls at club Glo in Kirkland, an affluent suburb of Seattle. Downstairs there was an under 21 party and upstairs the adults.

Downstairs with the kids was a madhouse in a good way actually. The kids were so into the girls and the girls seemed genuinely appreciative of the love they were getting. Rima was in such a giving mood that she gave a Madonnaesque PG-13 lap dance to an on duty bouncer. Needless to say they loved it and so did the bouncer.

No major drama contrary to most of our predictions. )-:


Erica of "Bad girls club" spinning? Yes she can! photo by Rima of "Bad Girls club" getting a little freaky. photo by Xavier and the "Way too loud" girls photo by Rima and friends. photo by Aquino and Rima reppin




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