RA Scion releases soon to be classic "The Sickle and the Sword"

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RA Scion is without a doubt one of Seattle's best emcees. From his smooth flow, relevant content and skillful delivery. He really stands out amongst his peers. 


My first time hearing RA was earlier this year when he did a cameo while opening up for hip hop legend Rakim and then the very next night when he did a full set while opening up for Wu Tang Clan chieftain Method man. (Check out those posts here and here) Upon hearing RA Scion the first time I remember saying to multiple people "Yo, where is this guy from?" I got some "I don't know's" and some "oh he's from here." I didn't believe it at first but the prospect of such a talent being a local product was inspiring.


Check out the video below to see what I mean. Whaa verse!!!


I told you the man has skills!!!


In this photo by sureshotfoto RA Scion prepares to take the stage at Neumos in SeattleSureShotfoto.com RA Scion Concert 1"RA Scion" moments before getting ready to do his thing





















 Various moods of RA Scion -photos ©SureShotfoto.com


RA Scion's newest album is somewhat of a departure from what I've heard of his previously but I mean this in a good way. He seems to have broadened his horizons. It's very evident that this is a heartfelt and very deep project. His lyrics force you to think and reflect. Some of the songs even border on an almost allegorical nature. However hidden the meanings are he never forgets that he's also here to entertain, and entertain he does.


Unfortunately, RA and Rodney Hazard had some disagreements over business matters which forced his new album "The Sickle & the Sword" to no longer be available for sale. But, RA being the guy that he is decided rather than squabble over rights, credits or money, he'd rather give it away for free. Check out his latest video below:


Download the album here for free   










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