Shake ya azz!!! Mystikal comes to Seattle and kills it

February 08, 2013  •  3 Comments

 January ended with a bang. Mystikal (formerly of No Limit records) has been away for a long time. He was ummmm, detained. Lterally. We all know about Mystikal's unfortunate run ins with the law as well as his lengthy prison sentence. But this post is about him as a musician so enough about that.

  As it turned out this was to be a banner night for hip-hop in Seattle for not only Mystikal as the headliner but the opening acts were exceptional. Starting the night was a local artist named Jay-Key. At first glance he was quite unassuming but on stage it's a different story. He's another one of our local boys to keep an eye out for in the future.

 Second up was a performer from the east side of the mountains in Washington State "G-U." I wasn't familiar with him before but I was impressed at not only his lyrics but his flow/delivery.

 Third up was another artist that didn't know but I have to say that I really should have, "Feez the Germ." This young man is certainly going to make noise not only locally but nation wide as he definitely has all the tools.

 Next was probably the best known hip-hop group out of Seattle ever, "Dyme Def." Now I've been a fan of these guys for a long, long time. I've seen them around the town but until now I hadn't had the pleasure of seeing them perform live. It was well worth the wait as the intimate setting of the venue was a perfect compliment. 

 And finally, the man himself Mystikal. Let me start out by saying I haven't been the biggest fan of Mystikal, even in my younger days when I was buying everything that No Limit Records released (and let me tell you it was a lot back then). Something changed when I saw him perform though. I gained a much higher level of respect for him as an artist. Anyone that was there could see that he loved what he was doing and he truly appreciated the fans that supported him. There wasn't a fan in the house that wanted to meet him or wanted a picture with him that was left wanting. I know for me that goes along way. 

"Neema" the MC for the nights event -photo by

above "Neema" the MC for the nights event -photo by SureShotFoto.comJay-Key doin above J-Key doin' his thing -photo by

G-U spittin

above G-U spittin'-photo by

"Feez the Germ" between verses -photo by

above "Feez the Germ" takes a break between verses -photo by

"Feez the Germ" looking stoic -photo by above "Feez the Germ" looking stoic -photo by

"Dyme Def" Seattle hip-hop supergroup rippin above "Fearce Vill" of "Dyme Def," Seattle's hip-hop supergroup rippin' at Nuemos -photo by

"Dyme Def" Seattle hip-hop supergroup rippin

above S.E.V. from "Dyme Def" Rockin' Neumos in Seattle as one of the opening acts for "Mystikal" - photo by

"Mystikal" @ Nuemos in Seattle -photo by  (I love this photo btw) above and below "Mystikal" @ Nuemos in Seattle -photo by  (I love the photo above btw)

"Mystikal" @ Nuemos in Seattle -photo by

"Mystikal" doing his tribute to Michael Jackson above "Mystikal" doing his tribute to Michael Jackson's "Thriller"  @ Nuemos in Seattle -photo by

"Mystikal" @ Nuemos in Seattle -photo by above and below "Mystikal" @ Nuemos in Seattle -photo by

"Mystikal" @ Nuemos in Seattle -photo by Seattle

above Seattle's own Aquino with a legend of hip-hop and pretty much one of the inventors of southern hip-hop KLC -photo by

Sponsor of the show, Seattle

Sponsor of the show, Seattle's own Aquino with "Mystikal" showing off one of the newest additions to the "Sneaker Warz" clothing line. -photo by


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Nice write up and pics Leonard. Keep up the great work!
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Love your work Carter. Loving the camera work. You definitely have an eye.
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