Chief Kamachi & TSOI occupy Costa Mesa, CA

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I was first introduced to his music through Pandora nearly 10 years ago. He came up on a "Jedi Mind Tricks" station that I created. From that day on I was an instant fan. I immediately I went out to buy any CDs that I could find.  At the time "Black Candles" and "Cult Status" were the major releases that were available. I can attest that you cannot wear out a CD from excessive use. I'm of course talking about Philly hip hop legend Chief Kamachi.


Chief Kamachi spittinChief Kamachi & TSOI concert Costa Mesa, CA Chief Kamachi spittin' fiyahhh!!! - photo by
On a Friday evening this past June in Costa Mesa, CA I had the extreme pleasure of meeting, photographing and hanging with my favorite emcee, Chief Kamachi. He was able to make an all too infrequent journey to the west coast. I actually think this may have be his first performance in the west. This infrequency leaves me wondering about the current state and future of our beloved hip hop music. -SMH-
                                    Lamar D Sol doin' his thing - video courtesy of
I enjoy being exposed to new and talented artists, and this trip had them in spades. For instance, I had the honor of meeting actor, comedian, screenwriter, and Philly transplant Lamar D Sol. Lamar now lives in LA. He drove up to hang out with his old friend and watch him perform. It was a pleasure talking to this talented young man. He's going to do big things. He shared one of his animated projects called "The Slaves." I really enjoyed his vision. I'd say that it could be characterized as  Dave Chapelle meets the "The Boondocks" As Dave Chapelle once said. "People are gonna say that I set our people back with a comedy sketch, (shrugs shoulders) sorry.....
Check out the video above to see one of his stand up comedy routines.
The Society of Invisibles gettinChief Kamachi & TSOI concert Costa Mesa, CA
 TSOI gettin' it in -photo by
The Second new artist(s) that I was introduced to was an extremely large hip hop group hailing from Phoenix, Arizona called "The Society of Invisibles." Actually, they are a collective of groups. I'd call it more of a movement. Formerly there were label mates with Vinnie Paz and "Jedi Mind Tricks" over at Babygrande Records. These guys are entertainers!!! Nothing but energy!!! Check out the iPhone video below to see what I mean.
                                                video by
See I told you! With the great many members this group definitely has no shortage of diversity, and I mean that in only the best way. This was another group that I am now a fan of (download their music here).
The Society of Invisibles hyping the crowd before Chief Kamachi takes the stageChief Kamachi & TSOI concert Costa Mesa, CA
TSOI hyping the crowd for the headliner Chief Kamachi - photo by
This is for my broke brothers that's leakin', the have nots, and the heathens that work hard and hustle just to spend it all on the weekend.....
- Chief Kamachi - Holy Rollers from the album Concrete Gospel 
Chief Kamachi is one of the most prolific underground hip hop artists while still retaining a remarkably high quality ratio. I can say as someone who is clinically ADD I haven't heard one single album that I can't listen to all the way through. Of course, there are certain songs that resonate more than others but each and every song has a message that it needs to declare.  

Chief Kamachi doinChief Kamachi & TSOI concert Costa Mesa, CA

When I sat with Kamachi we talked about his music and his inspiration, and he informed me that everything that he talks about is based on real life experiences. Perhaps that's why he's not a multi platinum selling artist. Perhaps it's because these days popular hip hop is leaning toward much more fluff rather than substance. I guess it's back to the old philosophy of giving the people what they want or at least what they think they want. That is exactly the reason why artists like Chief Kamachi are important. He doesn't pander to anyone, and I think his audience appreciates it. I know I do! 
Revolt Seven ft Johnny Popcorn from the upcoming album "Radio Raheem"
DonChief Kamachi & TSOI concert Costa Mesa, CA  Mach feeling it - photo by
Chief Kamachi and The Society of Invisibles -vPhoto by SureShotfoto.comChief Kamachi & TSOI concert Costa Mesa, CA

Kamachi and The Society of the Invisibles - photo by 


I'd like to say thank you to all involved in putting this show together Tiki Bar and Carlos of Out Da House ProductionsSupport indie artists by visiting the links below.


Chief Kamachi's gear:

Hat - Revolt Seven Camo by Merch Gorilla

Shirt - Big Brother by Sneaker Warz


Kamachi Itunes store here


The Society Of Invisibles 

The Society of Invisibles music and gear here


Lamar D Sol

YouTube Channel here


Mach taking a quick break between songs - photo by sureshotfoto.comChief Kamachi & TSOI concert Costa Mesa, CA




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