Geto Boys reunion tour hits Seattle

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If you're not sure who the Geto boys are let me explain. The Geto boys are a trio of emcees hailing from the 5th Ward area of Houston Texas. They are "Willie D", "Scarface" and one time backup dancer to the group "Bushwick Bill." These three have cemented their names in the annals of hip hop history by single handily putting southern or "Dirty South" (although Texas can be and is considered Southwest) hip hop on the map.


A little known fact is that the current iteration of the Geto Boys is not the original or even the second version of the group. The original members were Raheem, The Slim Jukebox, and Sir Rap-A-Lot. After Raheem and Rap-A-Lot left, DJ Ready Red, Prince Johnny C and Bushwick (at the time he was known as Little Billy and he was a dancer) were installed. This crew met with very little success and soon broke up. Then two up and coming solo artists were inserted to fill the void in "Willie D" and "Scarface." As they say, the rest is history. 




As you see by the video above if you've seen the movie "Office Space" you've been privy to the Geto Boys music. Actually, they provided most of the soundtrack to this cult classic. 


First up was our old friend "Aquino" not only is he an emcee but he's the CEO and founder of Sneaker Warz apparel. This is our first time photographing him performing live, and he was phenomenal. He is definitely doing Seattle proud . Keep it up fam.


"Aquino" opening up for "The Geto Boys" in Seattle                                       Aquino gettin' it in - photo by



                                      "Aquino" and "Reno Red" - All my Life -video by



Unfortunately, the second group that performed I wasn't able to catch their names, but I'll tell you that they were good. The addition of a guitarist was a fantastic touch. The guy on the axe was dope! Much love.  

photo by                                       photo by


photo by

                                                                           photo by



Generally I'm not one to be negative about people's art but besides the two opening acts that I've featured here there were two more acts that I can't even call hip hop. Guys if you're actually going to "perform" in front of people that have actually paid money, please, please be dedicated to your craft and make sure that it's actually up to an acceptable standard. If not tighten up your game or do something else. Thank you.



Now it was time for what we all came for. We are all waiting to see, hear and feel what if architects of southern hip hop have lost anything over the years. Approximately 10 seconds into their set this question was answered many times over. 


"Bushwick Bill" playing it up -photo by

  "Bushwick Bill" starting out that night in character -photo by


This photo above is how the night started out. "Bushwick" answered the question that was on a lot of people's minds, "Will Bushwick make the concert?" Here was your answer! Later on in the night someone asked Bill about the stigma of him being unprofessional and missing shows, his response, "Man, I don't miss shows, shows miss me." I can tell you this Bushwick certainly adds something to the group. The Geto Boys just aren't the Geto Boys without him.


"Scarface" up close and personal -photo by                                       "Scarface" up close and personal -photo by


This would be my second time photographing the legend "Scarface." The first time was about 18 years ago when he was in town for a meet and greet and a radio interview. The years have not taken a toll on "Face" one bit.


"Scarface" pays homage to two Seattle legends -photo by                                       "Scarface" paying homage to two Seattle legends -photo by


That's right "Scarface" plays guitar too. He started out playing the classic ballad "Hey Joe" by one of the most famous Seattleites of all time Jimi Hendrix and then he finished off with a rendition of one of Pearl Jam's signature songs "Jeremy." As an avid music lover I'll tell you that he's not switching over to rock any time soon based on being a guitar prodigy, but with that said, he wasn't bad.


"Geto Boys" performing their classic "Mind playing tricks on me" - video by


We absolutely can't forget about our guy "Willie D." After spending a little bit of time in jail he's back looking stronger and yelling louder that ever.


"Willie D" Goin

                                                                                          "Willie D" Goin' out like a soldier!!! -photo by


All in all this was as great a concert as I've ever seen. It really, really gives me hope for the future of hip hop. Just a reminder people, what you hear on the radio isn't hip hop.


"Bushwick" posing for flick -photo by

                                                            "Bushwick" posing for a flick -photo by


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